New Concentric

The Concentric Tensioner is used to mitgate the movement of wood panels in panel paintings caused by humidity and temperature variations. 

The Tensioner is embedded in a wooden strainer that is then fitted to the back of the painting. It applies a gentle and controlled tension to carefully selected points on the painting, thus reducing the movement of the panels. 


1. Model view showing the components of the Concentric Tensioner (Model View 1 from TENSIONER PAGE)

Can the components be labeled in this model? If not:

Model view showing the brass button, shaft, sping and holding nut of the Concentric Tensioner.

Under this photo: A reversible adhesive is used to attach the brass button to the back of the panel.

2. Model view showing the deflection of the Concentric Tensioner (taken from the .pdf CONCENTRIC TENSIONER PAGE)

Under this photo: The Concentric Tensioner, in its present configuration, is adjustable and can apply for 0-200 grms of tension and permit a deflection of up to 4mm. As the tension is increased the amount of deflection is decreased.  It is possible to modify this Tensioner by using a double spring to apply considerably more tension if necessary. 

3. Photo #1 from TENSONER PAGE shows first part of Concentric Tensioner installation with brass button and shaft 

4. Photo #2 from TENSIONER PAGE shows fully installed Concentric Tensioners on a panel painting